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1.-What’s your favorite food?
potatoes or empanadas :D
2.-What’s your first language?
3.-What’s your age?
19 years DD:
4.-Are you studying? if your answer is yes, what are you studying?
5.-What are your biggest flaws?
trust to much in the people
6.-Do you believe in love at first sight?
maybe haha
7.-What kind of books do you like?
drama, romantic and erotic paranormal :)
8.-What is your favorite book?
omg this question it’s so dificult because i have a lot of favorite books
9.- If I could offer you anything in the world, what thing would you want?
uff… i don’t know
10.-What part of your body do you like the most?
my eyes i think
11.-If these things were in your power: Peace for the world, food for the hungry, love for they who needed it, what would you choose to give away and why?
love, because i think that the people need more love in their lifes

My questions

My questions

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