fuck you youtube   i only want to see that video   ¬¬   personal   

tumblr stop with your shit   ¬¬   

tumblr stop   ¬¬   ...   

my dad say me yesterday that i'm fat because i use a hoodie that is too much big   ¬¬   thanks for that dad   

i hate the change of the hour in my country   ¬¬   

ALL THE FEELINGS. Such a simple picture but I can’t help it.


ugggh jacob go away   ¬¬   

what is wrong with the people that write wrong my name ?   ¬¬   

TVD another 3 weeks hiatus?!




TVD 3.16 - 16.03.2012
TVD 3.17 - 13.04.2012
can`t believe in that

Please someone tell me this is not true !!!

really ?   ¬¬